How to Help – Pediatrics


We are part of Reach Out and Read  a national initiative designed to improve early literacy and school readiness. It allows us to give books to every child we see during every visit. We will happily accept donated books that are gently used. We also accept new books with social justice themes. There is one book publisher, that is especially well known for its collection of high-quality multi-cultural books.

Monetary donations can be made online through our donate page. FIGHT is a 501c non-profit organization.

Volunteers and Interns

We are very interested in patient engagement volunteers and interns (individuals who would engage, entertain and distract children so that their experience in the clinic can be as positive as possible. Patient engagement volunteers are particularly helpful when a medical provider needs to discuss a sensitive subject with a parent in which the child should not be involved. In these situations the volunteer would work with the child out of the exam room while the provider and parent can discuss the sensitive matter at hand. Email us at for more details.

Book Donations
Can you picture the smile on a child’s face when they get to pick one of these donated books?