Faith Initiatives

The office of Faith Initiatives at Philadelphia FIGHT tends to the spiritual health of people living with HIV/AIDS by shedding light on hope, wellness and transformation.

The Office of Faith Initiatives at Philadelphia FIGHT functions as an outreach, education, and networking arm at FIGHT. Our goal is the eradication of shame, stigma, and misinformation regarding HIV/AIDS and other chronic health conditions. Clergy hold key roles and can impact communities in unique and meaningful ways. We are here to assist with that impact. Through spiritual reflection. relationship building, and compassionate action, we help and collaborate with local faith communities in the holistic healing of people and neighborhoods. “A bruised reed will not be broken, and a smoldering wick will not be snuffed out; God will bring forth Justice.” Isaiah 42:3

Faithful TEACH

Faithful TEACH is a 7-week education and training program for faith leaders whose faith communities are impacted by the HIV pandemic. In order to effectively minister to people living with HIV/AIDS, we have to be properly informed and knowledgeable. Classes begin in September and March each year. Currently, classes are being held online. Contact Rev. Dr. Dowdy at the office of Faith Initiatives if you’re interested: or (215) 985.4448 ext. 253.

Faith Leaders Network Meeting

3rd Wednesday mornings in September, November, January, March, and May the FLN gathers to network and share information around HIV/AIDS and other public health issues. We will convene online. Email for info and the zoom link. 

Film Nights and Book Club

Faith at FIGHT sponsors film and discussion nights 3x per year and Book club gatherings 3x per year. We will convene online. Email for info, film & book titles & zoom link.

The Reed

The Newsletter for the Office of Faith Initiatives is called the Reed. Currently it comes out quarterly, September, December, March, and June. Contact this office if you want to be on the mailing list for the newsletter.

Annual World AIDS Day Prayer Breakfast

December 1st is the commemoration of World AIDS Day. The office of faith initiatives hosts a World AIDS Day Prayer Breakfast for Philadelphia’s faith community. The event is free. Stay tuned for info each year. In 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this celebration will happen online. Info to follow. Email

Inside-Out Prison Education

A new initiative for 2020: Faithful TEACH will begin teaching an annual course inside a correctional facility. The course will cover the topic of spirituality and health. We are seeking ten faith leaders to be students in this 7-week course, “outsiders” alongside ten incarcerated persons or “insiders.”  The course will be taught inside a correctional facility once a week for seven weeks. If this interests you, contact for a conversation.