C a Difference / Hepatitis C

John Bell Health Center

C a Difference is a comprehensive hepatitis C (HCV) testing and linkage-to-care program at Philadelphia FIGHT housed at the John Bell Health Center (JBHC).

Hepatitis C (or HCV) is the most common blood borne viral infection in the US. If left untreated it can lead to serious liver problems such as cirrhosis or cancer. There are as many as 5 million people in the United States living with Hepatitis C and most people who are living with HCV are unaware they are infected with the virus. According to the Philadelphia Department of Public health, an estimated 53,000 people in Philadelphia are living with HCV. Hepatitis C can be cured and the C a Difference program can assist those living with HCV to obtain subspecialty care.

C a Difference provides Hepatitis C education and counseling to providers, patients, and those at risk for HCV infection. Providers and community-based testers are encouraged to screen all eligible patients and clients regularly for both HIV and HCV. Patient navigation and linkage services are provided within the FIGHT healthcare system as well as between FIGHT and other health care entities in our area.

High-quality confidential testing, education, and linkage services are provided in our offices and at various sites throughout the city.

For questions about HCV Counseling and Testing, or to schedule an appointment call 215-344-1690.

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