C a Difference

C a Difference is a comprehensive hepatitis C (HCV) testing and linkage-to-care program at Philadelphia FIGHT housed at the John Bell Health Center (JBHC). The program works to seamlessly integrate the CDC HIV and HCV testing algorithms into clinical standard workflow at the John Bell and Y-HEP Health Centers. C a Difference also provides community-based HCV screening and confirmatory testing with linkage to subspecialty care for those diagnosed with chronic Hepatitis C.  C a Difference also provides HCV education and counseling to providers, patients, and those at risk for HCV infection.

Program News

C a Difference has played a huge part in establishing best practices in HCV clinical and community testing both locally and internationally since March 2014.  Dr. Stacey Trooskin developed C a Difference from the Do One Thing program, a community-based HIV and HCV testing and linkage to care program developed in partnership between Brown University (Dr. Amy Nunn) and Drexel University (Dr. Trooskin) in 2012.  Here at Philadelphia FIGHT, C a Difference encourages all providers and community-based testers to regularly screen all patients for both HIV and HCV and provides patient navigation and linkage services within the FIGHT healthcare system as well as between FIGHT and other health care entities in our area.

The C a Difference team has over 80 years combined experience working within the Philadelphia community public health and social service systems.  Dr. Stacey Trooskin has been working diligently in the field of Infectious Diseases and HIV/HCV medicine for over two decades.  She has partnered with the American Red Cross, Yale University, Brown University, Rhode Island Public Health Institute, New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services, Division of  Communicable Diseases, Thomas Jefferson University, University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University and others.   Ta-Wanda Preston has been working with individuals infected with HIV/AIDS and at risk for HIV infection since 1995 with Unity Inc., Action Aids, Mazzoni, Rhode Island Public Health Institute, The COLOURS Organization, and Drexel Medicine Infectious Diseases and HIV Medicine.  Carla Coleman has worked with Dignity Housing, Public Health Management, JEVS, Urban Affairs Coalition, Delaware County Office of the Aging and Drexel Medicine Infectious Diseases and HIV Medicine beginning in 1995.  Beginning in 1997, Lora Magaldi has worked with the Pennsylvania Department of Probation and Parole, Public Health Management Corporation (under grants from the Department of Public Welfare, the Department of Human Services, and the Office of Emergency Shelter Services), Temple University’s Center for Public Policy, and Drexel Medicine Infectious Diseases and HIV Medicine.