HIPAA Privacy Rule Covered Components

Philadelphia FIGHT is a hybrid entity under the HIPAA Privacy Rule. This means that certain components of Philadelphia FIGHT are not covered under the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Philadelphia FIGHT will limit the Use and Disclosure of Patients’ Protected Health Information to those departments designated as part of a Covered Component of Philadelphia FIGHT as a covered entity.

Philadelphia FIGHT Covered Components, include:

  • Jonathan Lax Treatment Center
  • John Bell Health Center
  • Y-HEP Adolescent and Young Adult Health Center
  • Pediatric and Adolescent Health Center
  • Broad Street Ministry Health Center 
  • FIGHT Family Dentistry
  • Community Health Centers Clinic at Broad Street Ministry
  • Diana Baldwin Mental Health Clinic
  • TREE/ New Beginnings OP
  • C a Difference / Hepatitis C Testing and Treatment
  • Clinical Research
  • HIV Community Testing Prevention, Navigation & PrEP Services
  • Community Health Center Public Health Initiatives- Testing and Vaccination

(All entities referred to collectively as the Philadelphia FIGHT Community Health Centers).