Meet Em Barry 

Em Barry, RN joined the staff of the Y-HEP Adolescent and Young Adult Health Center in October, 2023. Em identifies as nonbinary and prefers the pronouns they/them. They earned a B.A. from The College of New Jersey and received their nursing degree from Jefferson College of Nursing. 

Prior to joining FIGHT, Em worked in a neurocritical care unit at the Farber Institute for Neuroscience at Jefferson Hospital. Em said they are determined to help their fellow Philadelphians in the years to come in any way they can. “I’ve always been touched by the disparities in Philadelphia,” they added. “I definitely feel passionate about feeling that I made a difference for this city.”

Q & A with Em Barry

Q: My guilty pleasure is…

A: Any form of caffeine – ranging from iced coffee to lattes to energy drinks. It’s very much a bad habit.  

Q: As a kid, I dreamed about being…

A: An astronaut going to outer space, seeing new worlds. 

Q: How I like to unwind is…

A: Playing scrabble.