Executive Director: Jane Shull

Board Members

President : Scott Wilds
Vice President: Bishop Ernest McNear
Secretary: Lovada Washington
Treasurer: Rick Lombardo

Marne Castillo, Ph.D.
Kevin Cotten
Sheldon Crooks
Scott Drake
Maida Edmond
Rev. Dr. Wilson Goode, Sr.
Michael Harris
Jim MacGruther – Member Emeritus
Luis Montaner, DVM
Ronald Rhodes
Andy St. Remy
LaDonna Smith
David Thomas
Susan Thomas

IN MEMORIAM: Fred Dunston, Samuel Morales

Advisory Board Members

Michael Baker
Robert Beckmann
Reverend Rodger Broadley
Kevin Cafferky
Jeffrey Draine, PhD, MSW
Matt Fuehrer
Renee Gilinger
Peter Gonzales
Gary Hines
Rosa Medina
Frank Mosca
Baran Schultz
Meg Shope-Koppel
Michael Soileau
Kira Strong
Andy Toy
Arturo Varela
Michael Weiss
Luz Colon
Michael Marsico
Candice Caruso
Melissa Patti
Kurt Douglass
Lee Brownlee
Rev. Kathleen Murray
Anne Rice
Terry Trudeau

Spotlight On

Karam Mounzer, MD

Dr. Mounzer identified two major gaps in the care of patients with HIV/hepatitis C (HCV) co-infection, and the complexity of multidrug-resistant HIV treatment. He is involved with many clinical trials focusing on drug development and better understanding of HIV immunopathogenesis with the Wistar Institute. He is involved in teaching and mentoring fellows, residents and students.

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Karam Mounzer, MD

Pediatric and Adolescent Health Center

FIGHT Pediatrics and Adolescent Health Center - Dr. Mario Cruz
This DECEMBER Philadelphia FIGHT will be opening a new Pediatric and Adolescent Health Center dedicated to providing high quality, comprehensive, primary care to address the physical, emotional and sexual health needs of inner-city children and youth from birth through age 24.