Diana Baldwin Clinic

Program Information

  • Phone: 215-525-8654

Diana Baldwin Clinic provides HIV-informed, culturally competent behavioral health services that addresses the psychological, social and medical factors that drive the HIV epidemic as well as those that commonly affect individuals living with HIV.

If you are HIV positive and suffer from depression, loneliness, compulsive behaviors, post traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, anxiety, anger, low self-esteem, or family/relationship problems, the Diana Baldwin Clinic is the right place for you to get help.

Our Services

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Behavioral Health Assessments
  • Screening for Mental Health Issues
  • Referral Coordination

Our Therapeutic Approach

We believe that each individual is unique and has the potential to achieve a fulfilling and rewarding life. We realize there is no right way to go through life – only your way. Therapy can help you develop the skills and attitudes you need to create a better today and tomorrow.

Diana Baldwin Clinic therapists help you decide the goals you aim to reach. Once your goals are defined, our job is to support, nurture, and educate you so you can achieve those goals. Using the right combination of therapy techniques, we can help you lead happier, fulfilled and satisfying lives. Life’s challenges can be opportunities for meaningful growth, real learning, and lasting change.

Treatment Team

Our outpatient mental health clinic is staffed by licensed master’s level professional therapists who are committed to providing an integrated, holistic approach to therapeutic intervention. Our therapists attend specialized trainings throughout the year in cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-informed therapy, sexual abuse, and dialectical behavioral therapy.