Dental Instructions, Information, Videos

Dental Instructions Printable Handouts


6 Visits to Make a Denture6 Visitas para Hacer una Dentadura
Denture InstructionsInstrucciones de Dentadura
Denture Information SheetHoja de Informacion para Protesis Dental
Immediate DentureProtesis Removibles Inmediato

Pediatric Dentistry

Active Kids Healthy TeethDientes Sanos en Niños Activos
Pediatric Extractions (Getting a Tooth Pulled)Extracciónes Pediatricas (Conseguir un Diente Extraido)
Primary Baby Teeth InjuriesLesiones de Dientes Primarios
Schedule for Baby TeethHorario para Dientes de Leche
Silver Diamine Fluoride PediatricsFluoruro de Diamina de Plata Nino (SDF)


Basic Restorations (Fillings)Restauración Basica (Relleno de Dientes)
Crown or BridgeCorona o Puente
Scaling & Root Planing (SRP)Escalar y Planear Raices (SRP)
Temporary CrownCorona Temporal
Temporary Sedative RestorationRestauracion Sedante Temporal
Root Canal Therapy


After Extraction (Getting a Tooth Pulled)Después de la Extracción de Dientes
Sinus Precautions
What NOT to Eat or Drink after ExtractionsQué comer y qué NO comer después de la extracción de un diente


Cracked Tooth SyndromeSindrome del Diente Agrietado
Does Your Water Contain Fluoride?Tu Agua Contiene Fluoruo?
Gum Recession
High Blood PressurePresion Sanguinea Alta
Instructions for Taking AntibioticsInstrucciones para Tomar Antibioticos
Pain ManagementManejo del Dolor Dental
Silver Diamine Fluoride AdultFluoruro de Diamina de Plata Adulto (SDF)
So You Need to See a Specialist…Necesitas ver a un Especialista

Dental Videos

Periodontal therapy

Dental Oral Surgery PostOp

Post Operative Instructions (Español)

Dental Pain Management (Español)

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Annette B. Gadegbeku, MD

Annette B. Gadegbeku, MD

Annette B. Gadegbeku, MD is Director of Adult Medicine at John Bell Health Center and Jonathan Lax Treatment Center of Philadelphia FIGHT Community Health Centers. Dr. Gadegbeku is a Family Medicine Physician who specializes in primary care for all ages (from pediatrics to geriatrics)!

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Dr. Mario Cruz

Dr Cruz with PatientDr. Cruz is a board-certified pediatrician who serves as the Medical Director for our Pediatrics and Adolescent Health Center. He has presented and/or published in the fields of community violence and domestic violence prevention, quality improvement, behavioral health, curriculum development, and mentorship.

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