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FIGHT Remembers Gloria Casarez, Director of the Mayor’s Office of LGBT Affairs

December 16, 2014

During her time as the director of the Mayor’s Office of LGBT Affairs, Gloria brought her fierce commitment to justice and equity for the LGBTQ community to city government and shifted the definition of that community to more clearly include people of color, women, and transgender persons. No one before Gloria was able to raise…

Remembering Jaci Adams

September 22, 2014

Jaci was an unparalleled leader in the Philadelphia transgender community, and her impact on the recognition and rights of trans people in our city was enormous. Born into nightmarish circumstances, gone from home while still a child, living on the streets and surviving however she could, Jaci nevertheless rose above all of it to lead…

John Bell 1946-2012

September 22, 2014

“Half of your rights haven’t been written yet, because you haven’t been here to demand them.” John Bell was an HIV activist, mentor to a generation of ex-offenders, teacher, and our friend. In the years we were privileged to know him, we watched in awe as John took his lived experiences of racism, stigma, war,…

John L. Turner, MD, 1945 – 2008

September 21, 2014

John L. Turner MD, was Philadelphia FIGHT’s  founding Principal Investigator. John was one of the first physicians, and among the only openly gay physicians, to come forward to treat HIV in the earliest years of the epidemic. His practice provided comfort and solace, but most importantly, hope, for people living with HIV, at a time…

Remembering Rebecca Barnebey

September 21, 2014

Rebecca brought many strengths to the Lax Center in the years she was our nurse manager, and she was loved by patients and staff alike. We extend our deepest condolences to her husband Dennis Barnebey, and to all her family. While Rebecca worked at FIGHT she contributed these thoughts to our website: “I joined FIGHT…

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