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FIGHT’s testing and vaccination efforts in the community

As we enter the 22nd month of the COVID-19 pandemic and with no end in sight, FIGHT has not lost its resolve. From the start of the pandemic, our community testing team has provided BARRIER FREE testing to people in our most vulnerable communities. With the help of Sunray Drugs, Norris Square Community Alliance, SEAMAAC at Mifflin Square Park, Face to Face Germantown, and The Simple Way, FIGHT has tested over 15,000 people and administered over 10,000 vaccines.

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COVID-19 Community Testing Sites Schedule

Visit the FIGHT COVID-19 Community Testing Page for further information and a full calendar or call 267-436-3126.

This Week

COVID-19 community testing sites - images

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Jen Wright

In The Spotlight

Jen Wright

Jen Wright is the Administrative Director of the Community COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Team. Under their leadership, the team has tested over 16,000 people and supplied more than 4000 vaccines throughout Philadelphia.

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Dr. Jeffery Eugene

Dr JJeffery Eugene

Jeffrey is a pediatrician and adolescent medicine specialist. His clinical expertise is in adolescent and young adult primary care, gender affirming medical care, sexual and reproductive health, medical care for youth living with HIV, and eating disorders.

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