Archived Programs

The Reunion Project Virtual Experience

March 15, 2021

CHTA Chat – Episodes 1-7 (Playlist)

Targeted Self Care: Redefining Your Approach to Healthy Living

February 8, 2021

Using Apps to Navigate Your Health & Wellness

December 2, 2020

Hungry Harvest: Addressing Food Insecurities

December 2, 2020

Connect Up Finding Reliable Health Information Online

December 2, 2020

THE MANNA MODEL: The Impact of Food Insecurity on Health and Food as Medicine

December 2, 2020

Racism & the Exploitation of Christianity


Implications of Systemic Racism on Mass Incarceration


Healed Communities Start With Healed Individuals


Anti-Blackness: Healing Through Restorative Dialogue Part 2


Anti-Blackness: Healing Through Restorative Dialogue Part 1


The Crisis of Hate Crimes Against the Black LGBTQ Community


Unpacking Race as a Salient Sexual Health Construct Among African Americans


Know Your Voter Rights for the 2020 Elections


Coping During COVID: Maintaining Mental Health and Wellness in a Time of Crisis

Anti Blackness & Poverty: The dangerous impact on Black women’s physical & mental health in the USA

Racial and Gender Disparity in Lower Extremity Amputations in Philadelphia

Community Lawyering Bridging the Gap between Need and Greed

Nutrition for Optimal Living 1/31/20

Spit Spreads Death: The Influenza Pandemic of 1918–19 in Philadelphia 8/23/19

Top Ten PrEP Myths 7/19/19

Teaching From The Frontlines Sharing The Basics of HIV 101 6/14/19

Overcoming Barriers to HCV Care for People who Inject Drugs 6/7/19

A Day In the Life of a Cure Research Participant 5/24/19

HIV Cure Research Update 5/10/19

Dear Black Body 3/15/19

The Effects of Mass Incarceration on Communities of Color 2/22/2019