Word Wednesday

Contact Tracing

The process of closely monitoring those who are exposed to an infected person. It includes identifying contacts of the infected person, listing and informing those contacts of the infected person, and following up to check up on contacts’ infection and symptoms.

Get to know your words: Metabolic syndrome

Metabolic syndrome Metabolic syndrome is a group of risk factors which, when present, greatly increase an individual’s risk of developing coronary heart disease or type-2 diabetes. They are: insulin resistance (or high blood glucose levels), hypertension, abnormal blood lipids, and obesity. As with pre-cancer, the presence of these risk factors DO NOT mean you will…

Get to know your words: Cortisol

Cortisol The body’s primary stress hormone Cortisol levels in the blood affect the regulation of many parts of the body, like blood pressure, sleep cycles, and blood-sugar levels. Continuous stress, and therefore chronically higher levels of cortisol, can lead to headaches, weight gain, sleep disturbances, depression and anxiety, and heart disease.

Get to know your words: Pre-Cancer

Pre-Cancer Cells are present that have grown abnormally It is important to note that pre-cancer DOES NOT mean you will develop cancer. It means a higher risk of cancer developing at some point. It is a sign that closer monitoring is needed to catch any cancer development early, or even to prevent it from developing…

Get to Know Your Words: Aerobic

Involving free oxygen. Also commonly called “cardio” when referring to exercise due to the increase of oxygen use through the cardiovascular system to meet energy demands

Get to Know Your Words: Major life activity

Major life activity: caring for oneself, performing manual tasks, walking, seeing, hearing, speaking, breathing, learning, working, and participating in community activities. Impairment in one or more is the ADA definition for disability.

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