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FIGHT Partnership with Bridging the Gaps

Bridging the Gaps

Every Summer, FIGHT hosts student interns from the Bridging the Gaps (BTG) program for six weeks. These interns work on a variety of projects including designing and implementing a client satisfaction survey and working on our annual FIGHT Stories project. This year, FIGHT’s Hepatitis C team and Development and Communications team hosted BTG interns. Two of FIGHT’s 2017 BTG interns were entered into a photo competition, taking first and second places for their schools. Congrats to all of our hard-working BTG interns!

For more information on Bridging the Gaps, please got to www.med.upenn.edu/btg/.

Stay tuned for more information on the 2017 FIGHT Stories project and the role our BTG interns played in bringing the project to life.

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Spotlight On

Karam Mounzer, MD

Dr. Mounzer identified two major gaps in the care of patients with HIV/hepatitis C (HCV) co-infection, and the complexity of multidrug-resistant HIV treatment. He is involved with many clinical trials focusing on drug development and better understanding of HIV immunopathogenesis with the Wistar Institute. He is involved in teaching and mentoring fellows, residents and students.

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Karam Mounzer, MD

Pediatric and Adolescent Health Center

FIGHT Pediatrics and Adolescent Health Center - Dr. Mario Cruz
February 2018 – Philadelphia FIGHT will be opening a new Pediatric and Adolescent Health Center dedicated to providing high quality, comprehensive, primary care to address the physical, emotional and sexual health needs of inner-city children and youth from birth through age 24.