COVID Vaccines Beginning to Roll Out

COVID Vaccines are here and are beginning to roll out!  At this time only essential healthcare workers have access to vaccines in Philadelphia.  This is due to decisions made at the national level to limit the numbers of doses released and sent to the states.  Pennsylvania, and Philadelphia, have chosen to use the limited doses they have for direct service healthcare workers, including in hospitals, health centers, nursing homes, etc.  However, keep in mind that after January 20 a new plan will be in place.  While the order of who will get vaccines may not change, the amount of time to move through the various groups who are eligible may speed up,  and when it does,  FIGHT will be ready to vaccinate our patients.  

We have gathered some materials which you can learn more about COVID vaccines.  

  1. All Health Centers Case Conference: Multi-Discipline [Access Passcode: VACCINE#1]
  2. HHS Announces $22 Billion in Funding to Support Expanded Testing, Vaccination Distribution
  3. Understanding COVID Vaccines and How They Work
  4.  Vaccine Myths and Facts from the Mayo Clinic
  5. Coverage of Biden’s Vaccine Plan
    1. With virus surging, Biden to Speed Release of COVID vaccines
    2. Biden Plans to Release Nearly All Available Covid-19 Vaccine Doses
    3. Biden Details COVID Response Plan 
  6. People with HIV and Vaccines