Being homeless, people often look down on me or don’t treat me with respect. That is a common experience among homeless people. I’ve experienced this kind of treatment at other clinics and hospitals, but Philadelphia FIGHT is different.

What I love about FIGHT is that they treat everyone the same, from someone homeless to someone who isn’t. I’m treated like a person and not a homeless person. The FIGHT staff is welcoming and always greets me by name.

I go to Broad Street Ministry for case management and counseling. I get my mail there and take music and art classes. I also receive my medical care at the FIGHT clinic at Broad Street. 

FIGHT has the best doctors in town. My primary doctor, Dr. Yates, is amazing. He is very thorough and easy to talk to because he is understanding and listens well. He’s a very nice guy. I haven’t met a doctor like him in a long time. 

It’s good to have a clinic at Broad Street Ministry because many of the people that go there have no idea how to find medical care. The clinic is onsite and if someone needs medical attention, they receive it immediately.

Coming to FIGHT has made me a better person because now I have better counseling and I started going back to school. I now have a primary doctor which I’ve never had before. I have a dietician who is helping me eat better and a dentist who recently provided me with a new set of dentures. FIGHT is great with making me aware of my health problems and helping me make better health choices.

Right now I’m working on getting my degree in order to open up my own business. In the future I would love to have an antique gallery somewhere in Old City and I’m also getting remarried soon.

I can’t say enough good things about FIGHT. People should come here because you can get all the medical care you need. It’s a convenient one-stop shop. I’m staying in Bucks County and I could look for something closer to home, but I don’t think I’ll find anything better than FIGHT. It’s the only place I would go to.