Prevention Summit Schedule


Breakout Session 1 10:30am-11:45am

Workshop Room
HIV 101: Understanding the Basics 115A
What’s Up Doc?: Improving Patient-Provider Communication 115B
Housing as a right: Opening the door with CCRP 115C
Welcome to research/Interactive room 119A
Examining the HIV-HCV-Opioid Syndemic 120A
Go Beyond Diversity & Inclusion 120B
Collaboration Works: Health Department and Provider Efforts to Improve the HIV Care Continuum 120C
The Ups, Downs, Ins and Outs of U=U Science  & HIV Cure related  Research 121A
Smoking and HIV: Unique Interventions for a Unique Population 121B
Listening to the voices of vulnerable Philadelphia women about PrEP: Lessons learned and applications for programs and interventions 121C
The Mental Health Scarlet Letter 122A
Helping You Shouldn’t Kill Me! Establishing Effective Self Care Strategies 122B
Securing the Back Door – A Guide to Safer Anal Sex 123
Prepare for care: Who is going to take care of me? 124
Kahooting with Youth 126A


Breakout Session 2 11:55AM – 1:10PM

Workshop Room
Welcome to research/Interactive room 119A
The Philadelphia Story: The People Moving towards an HIV Cure 119B
What do you “C”?: A profile of hepatitis C in our city. What happens if you have it, the resources available to Philadelphians, and information about programs working to stop it. 120A
Go Beyond Diversity & Inclusion 120B
A roadmap to overcoming the twin burdens of living with HIV, loneliness and isolation: if we can do it you can too 120C
The Importance of U=U for Me and U 121A
Ensuring Equitable Knowledge and Delivery of PrEP to Women/Persons Assigned Female Sex at Birth 121C
Carry a Kit, Save a Life: Naloxone (Narcan) Use, Harm Reduction, and Overdose Prevention 122A
Practicas Para Mi Propio Cuidado/My Self-Care Practices 122B
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made 123
Health Hackers: Using Digital and Social Media to Influence Sexual Health Among Young People 124
Community-driven HIV Prevention Research for Transgender Women in Philadelphia 125
Cupcakes and Crucial Conversations 126A


Lunch 1:10 pm – 2:15 pm

Room 118ABC and 115ABC


Breakout Session 3 2:15PM – 3:30PM

Workshop Room
Welcome to research/Interactive room 119A
Welcome to Research: oral abstracts ! An Interactive Showcase of the Research Experience 119B
Can HCV be eliminated among PLWHIV in Philadelphia? 120A
It’s Time to Heal: A Circle of Sisterhood 120B
What’s the tea in the Ballroom Community?: Preliminary findings from POSSE Project Philadelphia 120C
Unpacking U=U: The message and the movement 121A
In the graying crosshairs!  HIV, Aging, and more stigma 121B
Youth and PrEP 121C
Rapid Responses to a Changing Crisis 122A
Let’s Talk About Sex, You and Me! 122B
Grief and AIDS:  My Grief Counts Too 123
Homelessness and Access to Prescription Medications 124
Outreach Team to Facilitate Patient Engagement in Care and to Build Partnerships with the Community 125

Breakout Session 4 3:40PM – 4:55PM

Workshop Room
Welcome to research/Interactive room 119A
HIV Cure Research in Philadelphia 119B
Socially Just Public Health Research with Populations at the Intersections of HIV, HCV, Opioid Use, and Sex Work 120A
Parents Advancing Supportive and Sexuality-Inclusive Sex Talks: Addressing the Questions of Gay, Bisexual, and Queer Youth for HIV/STI Prevention 120B
Slippery When Wet: Learning all about Lube 120C
Using Data for Public Health Action 121A
When dating goes left, supporting teens experiencing abuse 121B
The Talk before the Deed: How to effectively talk about your Sexual Health as a preventative strategy 121C
Girls with Options: Contraceptive Education 124
From Victim to Thriver: Roads of Resilience 123
DO THE RIGHT THING 4LIFE An African-American Prevention/Outreach Program  utilizing barbershops and beauty salons 125
How does My HIV Affect my Child? 126A

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Annette B. Gadegbeku, MD

Annette B. Gadegbeku, MD

Annette B. Gadegbeku, MD is Director of Adult Medicine at John Bell Health Center and Jonathan Lax Treatment Center of Philadelphia FIGHT Community Health Centers. Dr. Gadegbeku is a Family Medicine Physician who specializes in primary care for all ages (from pediatrics to geriatrics)!

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Dr. Mario Cruz

Dr Cruz with PatientDr. Cruz is a board-certified pediatrician who serves as the Medical Director for our Pediatrics and Adolescent Health Center. He has presented and/or published in the fields of community violence and domestic violence prevention, quality improvement, behavioral health, curriculum development, and mentorship.

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