How to Advocate For Yourself At The Dentist

How to Advocate For Yourself At The Dentist

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Event Date: Friday, June 23, 2023

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Event Time: 11:00 AM - to 12:30 PM

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According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 58%-64% of people living with HIV do not receive dental care. This may be due to barriers such as lack of providers, lack of insurance, dental fear, and stigma. Poor oral health can contribute to decreases in quality of life, limitations to career opportunities and lack of nutrition. The purpose of this webinar is to emphasize the importance of dental care in people living with HIV while providing information on how to advocate for yourself in the dental setting. According to the American Dental Association, while medications have helped , HIV-related oral conditions can still be seen in 30%-80% of people living with HIV. Knowing some of the basic risks that people living with HIV may face can empower listeners to take an active role in caring for their oral health. It may also help patient know their dental provider may be looking for. Additionally, we will provide questions that can help open communication between dental providers and patients. The goal is to develop trust in the relationship while understanding the rights patients have in a dental setting. It is necessary patients share their expectations and thoughts regarding their individual care. We want viewers to leave with better knowledge on how they can advocate for themselves in a dental setting.


  1. Provide ways people can be an advocate for themselves in the dental setting. 
  2. Outline the more common oral conditions that can be seen in people living with HIV. 
  3. Promote overall healthcare for people living with HIV while discussions barriers to receiving dental care.


Sophia Nottoli

Philadelphia FIGHT Family Dentistry

Sophia is currently a second year dental student at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine. She works part time as a dental assistant/scheduler at Philadelphia FIGHT Dentistry. This Fall, she will pursue a Community Health Honors at FIGHT Family Dentistry.

Dr. Daniel Mariche-Poirot, DMD

Philadelphia FIGHT Family Dentistry

Dr. Mariche completed his DMD from the University of Pennsylvania in 2018, then pursued training in a general practice residency at the Philadelphia VA Medical Center. He is the Assistant Dental Director at Philadelphia FIGHT and contributes to the mission of serving patients living with HIV.

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