Critical Path Project

What is Critpath?

Kiyoshi Kuromiya – HIV/AIDS Activist

Philadelphia FIGHT’s Critical Path Project is a digital inclusion training and advocacy program that enables low-income people to have access to the Internet and digital literacy training, and know where to find critical, trustworthy, and lifesaving health information. The Critical Path Project serves all people of all ages.

Critical Path offers Internet services to groups traditionally left behind by technology (poor, disenfranchised and marginalized communities). Services include:

  • Access to the World Wide Web
  • Web-based email
  • Website hosting
  • Electronic mailing lists for affinity groups.
  • Creation and maintenance of Public Computing Centers
  • Digital Literacy and Computer classes for all skill levels
  • A mobile computing lab to bring to locations without computers

Ensuring that all communities have Internet access is a fundamental and necessary strategy in FIGHT’s mission to end the AIDS epidemic within the lifetime of those currently living with HIV.

History of Critical Path AIDS Project

The Critical Path AIDS Project was founded by people with HIV/AIDS to provide treatment, resource, and prevention information in wide-ranging levels of detail–for researchers, service providers, treatment activists — but, first and foremost, for other people with HIV/AIDS who often find themselves in urgent need of information quickly and painlessly. Since 1987, Critical Path Project has harnessed the power of the Internet to get the latest information to the wider community.

In 1994, Kiyoshi Kuromiya, founder of the Critical Path AIDS Project realized that providing free Internet Access was essential to enabling those living with HIV/AIDS to access life-saving health information. He developed Critical Path into an Internet Service Provider (ISP), like AOL, offering free dial up Internet access, email accounts, list and website hosting.

In 2001, the Critical Path AIDS Project website, one of the earliest websites created about HIV/AIDS, was divided into the Critical Path AIDS Project and Critical Path Internet Services pages.

Critical Path AIDS Project website provides easy access to the full range of potentially life-extending or life-saving HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and referral information. Critical Path makes it easier for individuals and their health care providers to make informed treatment decisions, based on the very latest, most complete and accurate treatment information and clinical trials findings available.

This website is geared toward those who are already fighting the system and those who would like to become activey involved. It includes organizations and resources for research and drug development activities while also providing information for people living with HIV/AIDS about access costly medication and benefits. Because people living with HIV/AIDS often face issues that are indirectly related to this virus, Critical Path provide resources to encourage allied movements. Critical Path also helps to find the latest news on HIV/AIDS not found through traditional news sources in order to get a well-rounded perspective.

The Critical Path Internet Services website is intended for those who wish to sign up and access our suite of Internet Services. Although we lost funding for dial up internet access in 2008, we have since embarked on new initiatives around public computer access and training.

Since 2010, through federal broadband stimulus funding, the Critical Path Project, has been charged with creating 27 Public Computer Centers and providing Digital Literacy Training to 2900 people. For more information about this project visit the Freedom Rings Partnership portal.

For further information, Critpath website visit the Critical Path website.