Case Study: Global Outreach in an Urban World

Bishop Ernest McNear and Rev Linn Crowe Co-Author Article on Global Outreach

Bishop Ernest McNear and Rev Linn Crowe

Bishop Ernest McNear serves as the President of Philadelphia FIGHT’s Board of Directors as well as the Pastor of True Gospel Church of God in Christ.  He recently published an important article in the Journal of Urban Mission coauthored by Rev. Linn Crowe.

“Location, location, location”–this is the cliché and mantra of real estate professionals in every city.  Many churches in the inner cities of the United States have found that their location has become the center of a new group of immigrants who have arrived from the far-flung corners of the world. They may have arrived as refugees fleeing civil war or political persecution, or simply in search of a better life through new opportunities. Ordinarily, it means a different culture and language has arrived in the neighborhood. That was exactly what was happening around True Gospel Tabernacle as thousands of new arrivals from Southeast Asia began to appear in South Philadelphia.

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