Point Breeze Health Care

Program Information

  • Phone: 215-525-8686

Point Breeze and Philadelphia FIGHT Working Together

At Philadelphia FIGHT we believe in providing you with the best health care. In working with the Health Department, we identified that there was a lack of health care services in Point Breeze. We are committed to working with the community to make it easier for Point Breeze residents to have the highest quality health care.

Walk in to any of our Point Breeze locations during these hours. No appointments are needed. All services are free and open to everyone. Tokens and seasonal incentives are provided.


Point Breeze & Tasker Avenues, Philadelphia, PA


Mt Zion Pentecostal Church, 1224 Point Breeze Avenue, Philadelphia, PA


Diversified Community Services, 2nd & Point Breeze Avenues

Philadelphia FIGHT’s Testing and Navigation team can provide you with:

  • Rapid Hepatitis C Testing (20 minutes):
    • Everyone who is a baby boomer (1945-1965) or who has had some risk for Hepatitis C is encouraged to get tested at least once. There is a cure of Hepatitis C! We can help you get treated immediately if you test positive and support you along the way.
  • Rapid HIV Testing (1 minute):
    • Knowing your status is the first step. There is treatment that can allow you to live a long and healthy life. Our Jonathan Lax Treatment Center has a committed team to support you.
  • Access to PrEP, the pill that prevents HIV!
    • Everyone should know about PrEP to decide for themselves if it is a good option for them. Our team can link you to medical providers who can provide PrEP on day 1, regardless of your insurance status.
  • Quick linkage to medical care
    • Our Y-HEP Health Center for youth 13-24 and our John Bell Community Health Center for Adults has same day walk-in appointments. We see patients regardless of their ability to pay or if they have insurance. Our testing team can get you in to see a doctor that day or the next day.
  • Access to Dental care
    • Most people forgo dental care because of the cost. Our Dental Clinic accepts patients with and without dental health insurance.
  • Access to benefit counselors
    • All of our health centers have staff who can help get you signed up for the benefits that you are entitled to. We can get you signed up for health insurance or on Medicaid, help you with rent rebates, food stamps, LiHEAP, TANF and more.
  • Support in finding housing, employment, or educational opportunities
    • Our Navigators can support you in achieving your goals and link you to opportunities to get housing, help you get back into school or find a job.
  • Short-term crisis support
    • Our Navigators can provide additional support if you are in crisis to help link you to services such as drug and alcohol treatment, mental health services, or domestic violence support.
  • And more!

Check us out. Our team comes to you with love and care.

Call us to find out more: 215-525-8686.