Community-Based HIV Testing and Prevention Services Specialist

Opportunity Type: Jobs

FIGHT Program: Community Based Prevention Services

Reports to: Community-Based HIV Testing and Prevention Services Program Coordinator and the Director of Community-Based Prevention and Care Linkage Services

Philadelphia FIGHT Community Health Centers (FIGHT) is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) which provides comprehensive health services in Philadelphia. These services include multi-disciplinary, patient-centered trauma informed primary medical care, specialty HIV/AIDS/Hep-C care, case management, dental, behavioral health and substance abuse services, women’s health clinic, nutrition counseling/health education; extensive preventive education program including HIV testing, Hep-C testing, PrEP and a variety of other services and programs. FIGHT has been dedicated to providing top quality health care services in our community for over 25 years.

Our multi-site facilities, including The Jonathan Lax Treatment Center, John Bell Health Center, Pediatric & Adolescent (YHEP) Health Center and Dental Services, provides culturally competent, non-judgmental, high quality primary health care to patients living with chronic health conditions such as HIV, Hep-C, Diabetes, Hypertension, etc. In addition to health care, Philadelphia FIGHT connects patients with social services, resources, and insurance benefits.

The Community-Based HIV Testing and Prevention Services Specialist is responsible for conducting community outreach, providing sexual health and risk reduction education and administer HIV, Hep-C and other STI testing (when applicable) at offsite community events to an array of diverse populations, with focus on African American MSM, IDUs and other heterosexual at high risk of acquiring HIV, Hep-C and/or other STI’s.  As part of a comprehensive assessment and testing, this staff will work collaboratively with other FIGHT staff to ensure that all clients are referred and linked to appropriate services including but not limited to confirmatory testing, specialty care services, primary care services, nPEP, PrEP, behavioral health services and other identified supportive services. This employee is expected to represent Philadelphia FIGHT both onsite and in the community, in a professional, efficient manner that reflects the high level of integrity and customer service mandated by Philadelphia FIGHT.


M-F 9:00 to 5:00, occasional evenings, weekends, and late nights. *Schedule is subject to change based upon program needs*

Tasks and Responsibilities

Conduct Community Outreach, Provide Sexual Health & Risk Reduction Education and Administer Community-Based Prevention HIV CTR Services (including HIV, Hep-C and other STD’s/STI’s):

  1. Cultivate and maintain relationships with new and existing off-site HIV testing sites and community partners in an effort to locate, identify and provide services for those who are most at-risk for acquiring or transmitting HIV/STDs.
  2. In conjunction with the program supervisor, initiate ongoing community assessment to identify feasible community partners for frequent and re-occurring on-site program implementation and outreach to provide Prevention HIV CTR Services, Hep-C testing (and other STD/STI testing) that aligns with our grant funding and our departmental expectations, deliverables and goals.
  3. Actively recruit and engage clients for HIV testing (and other prevention services when applicable) through outreach at community events; provide individualized and group education presentations.
  4. At every community event, staff will check in with the site contact upon arrival and check out prior to departure as well as notify program coordinator and/or program director.
  5. Disseminates safer sex and harm reduction messages and condoms to the target community.
  6. Administer confidential HIV testing, counseling and when applicable other prevention services (i.e. – STI’s and Hep-C) at community-based events, with regard to the expectations, deliverables and goals of our grants and our organization.
  7. Take vital signs (i.e., pulse rate, temperature, swab collection and blood pressure) when applicable.
  8. Assess and collect client’s risk for HIV, obtaining medical, demographic, and consent information in electronic or paper-format.
  9. Ensure accurate and complete entry of client data into iPad or on paper forms (to be turned in to Prevention Services Data Analyst for entry into database within 24 – 48 hours after each event).
  10. Work with the program coordinator or navigation services staff to coordinate confirmatory testing for individuals with reactive HIV test result linkage into HIV specialty care at the Jonathan Lax Center and/or John Bell Health Center as well as ensure those individuals are referred to HIV Medical Case Mgmt Services.
  11. Work with the program coordinator or navigation services staff to coordinates transportation for preliminary positive clients for confirmatory testing and linkage to navigation services and medical care (same day or next business day).
  12. Work with the program coordinator or navigation services staff to coordinate case management linkage for individuals (specifically MSM of color) with non-reactive HIV test result which may include access to primary care services (including PrEP) at John Bell Health Center, Dental Services and other services offered by the patient navigation team.
  13. Staff will be trained to be proficient in performing HIV counseling, testing (and other STI screenings and draw labs for confirmatory testing) as well as ensure proper collection, handling and storage/transport of urine and/or blood specimens in compliance with FIGHT policy, procedures and protocols onsite and offsite at community-based events.
  14. Staff will receive ongoing training and expected to be in compliance with maintaining client confidentiality and all HIPPA requirements.
  15. Staff will be trained and expected to be in compliance with test kit quality control assurance procedures including temperature checks that are to be performed on a routine basis (based upon FIGHT policy) documented in a logbook both onsite and offsite at community events.
  16. Provide coverage for any of the HIV CTR staff unable to fulfill their obligation due to absenteeism and/or last minute illness or other circumstances.
  17. Notify program coordinator when there are shortages critical supplies such as HIV & HCV testing kits and materials, promotional items and contraceptives.

Other Duties: 

  1. Attend mandatory professional development trainings.
  2. Participate in bi-weekly case conferences in which the HIV Testing and Prevention Services team meet to discuss program level of services, progress, upcoming events, outreach strategies, etc. (this could often be in conjunction with the PrEP & Navigation Services team and the Hep-C team).
  3. Meet bi-weekly with program coordinator for supervision.
  4. Attend departmental and ALL FIGHT staff meetings.
  5. Represent the program at all required meetings with funders (AACO, CDC, etc.) and local regulatory agencies and collaborators (when applicable).
  6. Work in compliance with standards such as OSHA, HIPAA, Act 148 & Act 59, CLIA and funding body regulations.
  7. Collaborates with other agencies in local events, meetings, and programs that are related to job duties (when applicable).
  8. Actively identify and participate in Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) activities.
  9. Volunteerism is encouraged at FIGHT’s sponsored events.
  10. Perform all other duties as assigned by program director.


  1. High School Diploma or GED Equivalent is required; Bachelor’s Degree in community health, community health advocacy or social services or other related field is preferred.
  2. Medical assistant and/or phlebotomy certification preferred.
  3. 2 years of medical assistance experience is preferred.
  4. 1 – 3 years of prior experience in HIV prevention; risk reduction or social services.
  5. Completion of the Counseling and Testing course provided by AACO or TPAC and has a designated Counselor ID number is required (or eligible to complete this training within 6 months of hiring).
  6. A problem solver, flexible, self-motivated and able to work well under pressure.
  7. Strong organizational skills, high attention to detail and creativity is essential.
  8. Excellent writing and critical thinking skills.
  9. Excellent communications, interpersonal skills and collaborative skills.
  10. Able to work with diverse populations (clients and staff).
  11. Sensitive to cultural, economic, gender, and sexual orientation differences.
  12. Experience working with low-income, high-risk populations.
  13. Knowledgeable of local resources and services.
  14. Experienced and proficient in phlebotomy, certification preferred
  15. Demonstrate flexibility in working conditions and work hours, including evenings and weekends
  16. Willingness to following universal precautions and maintain patient confidentiality is required.
  17. Strong computer skills including experience with MS Office applications, proficient in using the internet and database management (i.e.  Excel, REDCap, EvalWeb and CareWare) is preferred.
  18. Competency in using EMR systems (i.e. PrimeSuite and eClinicalWorks).
  19. Bilingual in English and Spanish is a plus.

Physical Demands:

  • Ability to lift up to 20 pounds on occasion
  • Ability to continuously stand, walk or sit
  • Ability to bend, climb stairs frequently
  • Ability to squat occasionally


Work Environment:

  • Works between three primary locations in an office environment.
  • Frequently commute to locations throughout the City of Philadelphia (and occasionally out of town to attend conferences).
  • Late night, evening, and weekend hours required at times in a variety of locations.


Competitive; benefits available.


Initial probationary period is three months (90 days)

This position is grant-funded and therefore contingent upon the renewal of existing and/or receipt of new grant awards.

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