Bi-Lingual (Spanish/English) HIV Medical Case Manager

Opportunity Type: Job

FIGHT Program: Jonathan Lax Treatment Center

Reports to: Director of Case Management

The Bi-Lingual HIV MCM will work in conjunction with a medical provider as a team to provide case management to patients who are in the provider’s care. The MCM will carry a caseload of HIV positive Spanish and English speaking adults. The MCM will develop individual medical/service care plans for each client that will include:

  1. A bio-psychosocial assessment of each client under his/her care.
  2. The development of semiannual Service Care Plans to be implemented by the client and the MCM.
  3. Maintenance of a client’s social services chart record and completion of notes and all other documentation goals and requirements set forth by funders.
  4. Emergency, medical, housing and legal needs; skills; and quality of life goals.
  5. Proof of eligibility for services.
  6. Documentation of adherence to medical appointments and medical care plan, including HIV medication adherence.
  7. Provide case management services to satellite location in North Philadelphia 1-2x/wk.


Service Coordination

  1. The MCM is responsible for assuring that services required by the client are coordinated in a fashion which assists the client in meeting long-term and short-term goals.
  2. The MCM will therefore maintain current information on available services to clients living with HIV/AIDS in Philadelphia.
  3. The MCM will be responsible for making quick decisions in the event that a crisis occurs; therefore he/she must be easily accessible to the client.



Twenty hours of professional education and training will be required on an annual basis as described by AACO and TPAC. The AACO core training series must be completed within 12 months of hire.


Record Keeping

The MCM is responsible for maintaining all documentation through service logs and the entry of notes related to the delivery of case management services to the client in a client record, which is confidential and kept in a locked file cabinet or secure network.

The MCM is responsible for maintaining all records related to statistical reports required by the agency and the funders to evaluate service performance, as well as records utilized for continuous quality improvement projects.


M-F 9:00 to 5:00


Skills, Knowledge and Experience

Candidates with a Master’s degree in Social Work (or related field such as public health, psychology, behavioral health, etc.) and two years post-graduate work experience preferred.  Applicants must know and be able to use the local service network, including but not limited to all HIV services in the Philadelphia region.


Must be bilingual in Spanish.


Ongoing Requirements

  1. Develop a resource file
  2. Coordination with other agencies providing like case management services
  3. Compliance with additional standards
  4. Weekly supervision
  5. Weekly Social Service meetings


Hours of Work:

The MCM will work 40 hours per week



For all medical issues the MCM will consult with the medical provider. The MCM will also report to his/her team member for service coordination plans for their patients. The MCM is responsible to the Case Management Supervisor for vacations, time sheets, and reports.


Supervisory Responsibility:

The MCM has no supervisory responsibility


Physical Demands:

  • Occasional lifting of 10-20 lbs and pushing of 5-20 lbs
  • Sitting approximately 80% of the time
  • Normal accessibility and mobility required
  • Ability to work at a computer screen for long periods of time


Work Environment:

  • Generally works in an office environment
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