Amend the 13th Movement

Wednesday, October 7th 2020

1:00 PM - 2:30 PM

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The 13th Amendment abolished slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime. The Amend the 13th Movement, spearheaded by community organizer Dennis Febo, seeks to remove that “except.” It began as a movement to amend the state constitution of New Jersey and just recently incorporated the Abolish Slavery National Network, attempting to unify all states against involuntary servitude by incarceration. This workshop will introduce participants to the Amend the 13th Movement and how they can get involved.

Workshop Facilitated by

Dennis Febo, MAH

CEO, Guazabara Insights

Dennis Febo, MAH is an educator, abolitionist, artist, and community organizer. He is a native of Brooklyn, NY, and CEO of Guazabara Insights, LLC, a nationally approved health and educational services provider, whose goal is to raise social consciousness and uplift our communities through the dissemination of his authored Cultural and Social Consciousness Education curriculum.

For the past 7 years, Dennis has been working with our incarcerated community members, where he has provided services to thousands. He has also been working with our youth involved with all points of contact with the justice system, as well as providing mentoring, behavioral assistance, therapy and biopsychosocial services for youth and their families.

Mr. Febo is currently spearheading New Jersey’s Amend the 13th movement, a movement based on adding language to our state constitution to permanently abolish slavery and involuntary servitude in New Jersey. He is also a founder of the Abolish Slavery National Network, a national lobbying organization taking action on amending state constitutions with anti-slavery language.

For the past 2 years, Mr. Febo has also been providing services to our ICE detainees in Cultural and Social Consciousness Education, as well as training law enforcement, and medical staff at our correctional facility. He attained his Master’s in Humanities from the Universities of Buffalo, NY; Havana, Cuba; and Bahia, Brazil, and is currently a professor and for Health Sciences at NJCU.

Dennis has spoken at institutions all around the country, and his agency Guazabara Insights also runs violence prevention programming, delinquency prevention programming, and career and educational exploration programs in Hudson County New Jersey. This year, Mr. Febo will be launching a county-wide Credible Messenger model as a model for violence prevention, in conjunction with the nationalized credible messenger approach. Mr. Febo is a father of 5, and currently resides in New Jersey.

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